Air Testing

Air testing is an essential tool in determining if an area is safe to re-occupy after the removal of asbestos. It can also offer a useful check mechanism on the effectiveness of asbestos removal processes if carried out during the removal work.

London Laboratories are UKAS - accredited  for air testing to ISO 17025 from mobile laboratories as well as on-site. The air testing also complies with the requirements of HSE guidance document HSG 248.

We offer the following types of air testing:

Background testing - normally carried out before any activity is conducted at the site

Leak testing - carried out when asbestos is being removed from within an enclosure

Personal monitoring - assesses the exposure level of an individual when they carry out work with asbestos

4-stage clearance testing – a rigorous sequential procedure involving inspection, clearance testing and post-enclosure dismantling tests. If any part of the process fails, the then entire process is failed and a fail certificate is issued.  

Reassurance testing - carried out on projects such as enclosure/work area dismantling after a successful clearance air test.

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